We’ve been nominated!

Market Structure EDGE has been nominated in 3 categories for the Benzinga Global Fintech Awards.

As you know, Market Structure EDGE gives our users the advantage of simple proprietary metrics to effectively manage short-term risk and identify opportunities to increase the probability of market-beating returns. Now we are asking you to give us the advantage by voting for Market Structure EDGE in the following categories:

  • Best Day Trading Software
  • Best New Product
  • Most Innovative in Capital Markets

Find out more information and cast your vote once a day at the links below.

Best Day Trading Software

Five stocks are 24% of the S&P 500. More than 300 ETFs own TSLA. The point? We’re all going to own the same things in the stock market.  The key to better performance is knowing WHEN to buy and sell them.  That’s Market Structure EDGE.  Know when to, as the old rock song says, go on, take the money and run. We have the data.  And you have the votes!  Cast yours for EDGE as Best Day Trading Software, please!

Best New Product

Simply put, we help you beat the market by understanding it. There’s no value in gains if you can’t keep them!  Market Structure EDGE is the first decision-support platform built on supply and demand in stocks. Help us mark our first fabulous year with a Fintech win for Best New Product!

Most Innovative
in Capital Markets

Market Structure EDGE software is the definition of innovation. It’s the first market-structure powered decision-support platform for traders. We use Market Structure Sentiment, not psychology or dated research, to pinpoint opportunities and risks for our users. This 10-point scale measures how stocks move from Oversold to Overbought, giving traders a predictive analytical advantage – the EDGE. Help us win for most innovative in 2021!