The quantitative solution to beating the benchmark.

Using market structure for better trading returns with lower risk.

Market Structure EDGE is the first decision-support analytics platform for traders to use market structure — the rules governing how stocks trade – for portfolio shaping. EDGE gives traders simple proprietary metrics to effectively manage short-term risk and identify opportunities to increase the probability of market-beating returns. Developed by the founders of ModernIR, nationally recognized market-structure experts and the market leaders in quantitative behavioral equity analytics for US-listed companies, Market Structure EDGE is the performance advantage for any trader, long or short, quantitative or fundamental.

See Developing Market Trends

Set up as many portfolios as you wish and track central tendencies in the stock market’s behavior.

Pinpoint Optimal Entrances and Exits

Monitor how your stocks move from oversold to overbought so you can identify the best times to invest.

Decision-support Pillars: Market Structure Sentiment™ and Short Volume

What’s Market Structure Sentiment™?

Market Structure Sentiment™ measures the way the rules governing stock-trades signal opportunity or risk. It’s not headlines, not mass psychology or how research analysts rate stocks. It’s a 10-point scale metering how stocks move from Oversold to Overbought.

What’s Short Volume?

Short volume is the percentage of trading volume driven by borrowed rather than owned shares. All volume is long or short. Generally (central tendency only), short volume over 50% hinders gains, while short volume below 50% is better.

Use fundamentals or technicals, or your quantitative methods. Then use Market Structure EDGE to improve your exits and entries.


Beat the market by understanding it.

What’s Market Structure EDGE?

Market Structure EDGE is the only trading analytics platform built on market structure data. Rooted in knowledge of the rules that govern how the stock market works, we use two simple metrics, Market Structure Sentiment™ and short volume, to give you an edge shaping your portfolio.

How it Works

Market Structure EDGE provides trading decision-support backed by data science to increase your probability of market-beating returns.

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Data Science

Better returns depend on buying and selling at statistically superior points. Market Structure EDGE helps you shape your portfolio toward stocks likely to outperform and away from those likely to underperform. Market Structure EDGE is built on how the market works.

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What is Market Structure EDGE?

Q & A

Is Market Structure EDGE Timing the Market?

EDGE challenges the notion that buy-and-hold produces superior returns, but it’s not market-timing. Rather, EDGE helps you reduce exposure to stocks statistically likely to underperform and increase your exposure to ones likely to outperform — which has nothing to do with fundamentals. Stocks rise and fall most often on supply/demand factors. Market Structure Sentiment™ is a 10-point scale tracking the nexus of supply and demand under market rules.

How does EDGE Differ From Technical Analysis?

If you like technical analysis, great! Use Market Structure EDGE to validate entry or exit points. EDGE is behavioral and quantitative. It’s not driven by prices or volume or moving averages. It reflects how machines set prices and when machines change behavior. More than 90% of trades today are algorithmic — machine-driven. EDGE turns that reality to your advantage, letting you see via Market Structure Sentiment™ how machine behavior changes.

Market Structure EDGE has redefined the way I look at the markets. Much the way Copernicus taught us the earth isn’t the center of the universe, Tim Quast has shown us [active] investors don’t set equity prices. Who does? The team at Market Structure EDGE can teach you. I’ve worked with Tim and his team as both a public company CFO (in his Modern IR product) and signed up for EDGE once it was released. If you want to understand market structure, how it affects price, and profit from it, EDGE is a bargain at $99/month.

Habib Y. – Houston, TX

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